West Coast Sound Competition

March 25th will be the start of Season 2 of the West Coast Bagger Sound Competition brought to you by Big Cory Insurance and Arc Audio.
Competition #1 will be part of the Ride the Line Bike Show Event put on by 41Live. It will be held at the El Dorado County Fair and Event Center.
Competition Classes for 2023 are listed below , along with most of the questions you might have.
Entrance fee will be free for the Sound Competition but there might be a fee to get into the overall event. As that information becomes available
I will update the website.
This year there will be door prizes for Competitors to win and also door prizes for spectators as well. Prizes for Spectators
brought to you by Arc Audio.
Please sign up at the link below

Schedule for 2023

El Dorado Fair and Event Center, March 25th
Rocklin Harley-Davidson,April 29th
Custom Sounds, Tracy, May 20th
Iron Steed Harley-Davidson, June 4th
Laguna Seca, July 9th
San Jose Harley-Davidson, August 19th
Reno Harley-Davidson, September 10th
Fishtailz Super Show, Long Beach, October TBA


Look who’s partnering with us for next year! I am proud to announce that the Big Cory West Coast Bagger Sound Competition will be cosponsored by ARC Audio for the 2023 season. 

310068014_1109070989997574_4871923872195182921_n@arcaudio makes some phenomenal sounding, incredibly reliable audio products for baggers. Their plug-and-play kits come with everything you need to get great sounding music on your bike.

You can check out their full product line at arcaudio.com

Thank you to all of my sponsors that are growing by the day.

Voodoo Bikeworks, Sound Digital, Ground Zero, DC Audio, Cicada Audio, RPM Audiowerx,Audio House, American Hard bag, Reign of Sound, Saddlemen Seats, Tekni-Kolor, Wraps by Dre and  Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorney


Bikes will be judged King of the Hill style. Two bikes battle, Best Sounding Bike stays until all have

played. Playing order will be randomly drawn. So you should have a playlist of a ton of songs because

you never know how many times you will have to battle. Make sure your battery is charged.

If you arrive after the bikes have been randomly drawn, but the contest has not started and you still want to compete,

you automatically go first.

Must arrive 1 hour prior to contest start time.
All bikes must be ridden in to the arena unless location does not allow riding inside of indoor arena.

There will be up to 6 classes judged depending on how many bikes of each class sign up. There will be a winner from each class.

Competitors that choose to can move up a class but can not disconnect speakers to move down a class. If the speaker is on the bike it counts, whether it’s hooked up or not.

Please make sure you have your phone on airplane mode so we dont get really loud phone ringing in the middle of your turn

Only adjustments that can be made during your time is volume and bass knob

Be ready to go. Have your song selection ready. Have your phone ready.

Contestants will each have one 90 second round to show what you got. Judges, at their discretion, may decide that they want to hear some bikes again to determine winner of each round.

Tour Pack speakers are allowed and will count towards speaker count.

Compression Drivers, Midrange, Mid Bass and Subwoofers are all counted as speakers

Small Tweeters or horns like ST25, ST35,  etc... do not count as speakers

Coaxial speakers with horns or tweeters will count as one speaker.

Two Wheel Motorcycles only.

Helpful hints

Song Selection is huge. If you are being graded on Highs, Mids and Lows, but the song you play doesn't have any of one of those frequencies? then you will get a low score. Not all songs are created equal. Choose wisely
It doesn't matter if you play one song for 90 seconds or 9 songs for 10 seconds each. That is totally up to you. However, some songs highlight highs while others highlight your lows.
A couple of different songs showing the best of your system would be my suggestion. Please understand that while you can play what you want, playing a techno or instrumental song
with no vocals will not score you as high as a song that has vocals. Judges know which songs are harder to get perfect and will reward the bikes that take
a chance on the harder songs.
It is not about playing your favorite song, it is about playing what song or songs make your system sound great. This takes time and practice to figure it out.

The vehicle must start and pull out of the competition area or be disqualified.

Any problems, questions, or concerns should be directed to Cory Ellerbee (707) 690-8321

West Coast Sound Competition Classes are as follows

  "6x9 Class”    ( Unlimited Speakers )

·        “ NO SUBS ALLOWED “    No 8s, No 10s. No 12s. 6x9 is the biggest speaker allowed on your bike.

Tour packs ok, lowers ok, whatever combo of 6x9s you have, you can run it. You can not disconnect a bigger speaker to run in the 6x9 class.


“Featherweight”    ( Up to 6 Speakers )

·        “ NO SUBS ALLOWED “    No more than (2) 10” drivers allowed on the bike. All other drivers must be 8”or less. Bags can be ported and/or sealed. Tour pack, no speaker larger than 8” midbass/midrange permitted. No subs


             “Lightweight”    ( Up to 8 Speakers )

·        “ NO SUBS ALLOWED “    No more than (2) 10” drivers allowed on the bike. All other drivers must be 8”or less. Bags can be sealed and/or ported. Tour pack, no speaker larger than 8” midbass/midrange permitted. No subs


                “Welterweight”    ( Up to 10 Speakers )

·        “ Subs Allowed “    No more than (2)  10” drivers allowed on the bike. All other drivers on the bike must be 8” or less. Bags can be sealed and/or ported in this class. Tour pack, no speaker larger than 8” midbass/midrange permitted. No more than one set of subs on bike.


             “Middleweight”    ( 11 to 14 Speakers )

·        “ Subs Allowed “    No more than (4) 8”subs, (2) 10” subs or (2) 12” subs allowed on the bike. Bags can be sealed and/or ported. Tour pack, up to (2) 10” midbass/midrange in tour pack only. No subs


“Extreme”    ( Whatever you got )

·        “ If it fits on your bike, use it. The rules are , there are no rules.



2022 Results

Competition #1 will be held at Sierra Steel Harley-Davidson in Chico on March 19th, 2022 in the books. Thank you for allowing us to get the party started.
Winners are as follows. (Lightweight), Nick Henry, (Welterweight), RJ Arcinas, (Middleweight), Tommy Scott, (Heavyweight), Edward Cadle. (Best in show), Nick Henry

Competition #2 will be held at Rocklin Harley Davidson in Rocklin on April 30th, 2022

Winners are as follows. (Lightweight) Sydney Meek,  (Welterweight) Rusty Flowers, (Middleweight) Scott Lint, (Heavy Weight) Edward Cadle, (Best in show), Sydney Meek

Competition #3 will be  held at the Hot Rods and Harleys Event at the Dixon Fairgrounds on June 5th, 2022

Winners are as follows.(Featherweight) Anthony Limbrick (Lightweight) Sydney Meek,  (Welterweight) Michael "Boogie" Thomas, (Middleweight) Rusty Flowers (Best in show), Rusty Flowers

Competition #4 Will be held at Custom Sounds, in Tracy CA on July 16th, 2022

Winners are as follows. (6x9 Class) Brandon Dossantos  (Featherweight) Anthony Limbrick (Lightweight), Sydney Meek, (Welterweight), Chon Camacho, (Middleweight), Terry Grant. (Best in show), Sydney Meek

Competition #5 will be held at San Jose Harley-Davidson on August 13th, 2022

Winners are as follows. (6x9 Class) Brandon Dossantos  (Featherweight) Nick Henry (Lightweight), Sydney Meek, (Welterweight), RJ Arcinas, (Middleweight), DonRay Stevens. (Heavyweight), Wayne Adolfo

Competition #6 will be hold at Reno Harley-Davidson on September 11th, 2022

Winners are as follows. (6x9 Class) Ivan Hernandez  (Featherweight) Diego Martinez (Lightweight), Sydney Meek, (Welterweight), RJ Arcinas, (Middleweight), Chris Hall. (Heavyweight), Wayne Adolfo (Best in show), Sydney Meek


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